A downloadable Amigdala for Windows

It's a horror game. Suitable for over 18 years. A heroic photographer. The place is an old hospital. Find the keys. Open the doors. Kill ghosts. Find the exit.

Development team: 4 people.

Install instructions

Open the zip file you downloaded with a similar program (winrar-winzip). Double-click the file Amigdala.exe. You can change the quality setting from the opened window. And press play.


Amigdala3.rar 61 MB


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thank you

Hello, nice game! Like other people said some extra work can make it better but wasn't that bad, I had several shivers running on my spine  during my playthrough!

Also I recorded a video about it, hope you'll find it interesting! 


Nice game, it needs more polishing, for example i could walk through walls and objects, but other than that i enjoyed playing, i liked the sound effects of the ghost's and they were pretty scary looking!! 

I made a video of this game, i'd appreciate anybody who checks it out and i hope you enjoy it :)

great game guys!! the hands are flipped on my playthru though!